Welcome…Parents of Adult Autistic Children of Louisville (PAACLou) is a support group for parents and caregivers of autistic adults living in the Louisville and southern Indiana area. The purpose of the group is simply to provide a time to get together, share our experiences, and try to figure out “Where do we go from here?” Founder Elizabeth Stoica and her son Daniel
Founder Elizabeth Stoica and her son Daniel


Hi Everyone!

It is reassuring to know that such a large amount of people care so strongly for this cause, and we are grateful to be involved with such a passionate group of people. At ContentChecked autism has affected each of our employees in one way or another, and we want to show as much support for this community as we possibly can.

ContentChecked is a mobile application that scans food for harmful allergens. As I’m sure you are aware, food allergies and intolerances are very prevalent in people with autism. From April 6th-13th, we will donate $1 for every download of our full version to Autism Speaks. Not sure if this mobile app is right for you? Download the free version first and try it out!


Check out our page at Autism Speaks


Attention: Caregivers that are living the joys and challenges of caring for an adult with autism.

Take a look at our Meeting Calendar and choose a date to join us.

The meetings are held at:
Heine Brothers Coffee
822 Eastern Parkway
Louisville KY 40217
Click for Directions

If you plan to attend or would like to connect another time, please feel free to contact us.