Daniel’s Story

DanielWhen Daniel was 3 years old he was first diagnosed with autism. They suggested that I put him in preschool and headstart the next year, which I did.

When he was 5 I took him to the child evaluation center. There he was diagnosed as autistic with behavior problems. They also said he had sensory problems to sound and to being touched. Two years later they said he was mentally retarded, I accepted it because he got better services.

Trying to improve his behavior I took him to several behaviorists, both in the community and at home. I even took him to a chiropractor that worked with autistics when he was 17. At that same time I tried Easter Seals for occupational therapy. They wouldn’t work with him because they felt he was too dangerous.

Because of his behavior Daniel has been in and out of our lady of peace since he was 9 years old. When he was 18 his behavior escalated to the point where he became a danger to me, he was hurting me often. It was bad at his school too. They where so worried about my safety that they met me at the hospital with him.

DanielHe is 21 now and he has been there for three years. He can’t come home and I’m having a hard time finding placement for him. I have tried everything. I don’t know what will happen now.

In July 2012, Daniel was discharged from the hospital and went to a placement that is helping him with going out into the community. He is going to classes and learning job skills. They are also working to improve his behaviors. He is kept very busy, and they are very good to him. He will be there for about a year then they will transfer him to a community placement closer to home.