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Nicole Hord and her son Travis

My son Travis is very severe with his Autism. 18 years old non verbal still in school which he does okay with. He was diagnosed at age 2 and it has been a learning process for me the whole time and still is. It’s very rare that I meet parents of ASD children that are as severe as my Travis but we survive by taking one day at a time! If you notice in the pics he has a stretchy lizard that he carries at all times.

The Many Faces of Travis Lee

Sean Sullivan

Sean SullivanHi my name is Sean Sullivan. I am a 27 year old Autistic. Who is trying and succeeding at improving my mind to the point where I can get a masters in what ever area I choose. In the past I have had mental, physical, and psychiatric, pain and trauma done to me by others. In short that motivated me to improve myself, which includes my intellect, demeanor, and me as a whole. I also like public speaking and sharing my experiences among other things. I know I have a long way to go, but I will never give up!